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Welcome to Arctic Qiviut®Inc.!

Arctic Qiviut is open for business and our mill is up and running. All whole sale orders and tours will be made by phone. Also WE BUY QIVIUT, so please contact us at 907-699-1982 for imediate contact or the Office Phone at 907-490-6722 and leave a message. Thank you for your business. Arctic Qiviut Inc. is for sale for any inquiry's about buying the our mill along with all trademarks and patents qiviut supply call the phone number above.

Experience the journey of the qiviut, from the muskox to your fingertips.

Arctic Qiviut®...

Our venture with qiviut (pronounced "kiv-ee-ute") yarns and custom yarnwear began in 2001. In 2015, we opened the first and only commercial fiber mill in Alaska. After Vivian Denise Osborne had passed away tragically her eldest son Dustin Shawn Reed Sr. has taken on her legacy. Arctic Qiviut Inc. is 100% Native owned mill.

We are the first in the world to offer yarn made with certified, pure muskox fiber produced in North Pole, Alaska, USA.We specialize in exotic fine fibers, producing the highest quality pure qiviut yarn, qiviut yarn blends and qiviut yarnwear.  Qiviut yarnwear is an heirloom that can be treasured for generations. Qiviut yarnwear or yarn is a unique gift for yourself or that special person. Only the best delicate underwool of the Arctic muskox is used to produce Arctic Qiviuts’ yarn. We offer pure qiviut and five exclusive qiviut blends. We only use the highest grade, finest quality German angora, cashmere, alpaca, silk, superwash merino, and nylon in our blends.

 In loving Memory of Vivian Denise Osborne 1958-2017.

In loving Memory of Vivian Denise Osborne 1958-2017.


Experience Arctic Qiviut

Qiviut is truly an amazing fiber. The delicate underwool of the Arctic muskox is one of the most sought after fibers in the world because of its rarity, softness and warmth. Qiviut is softer than cashmere and is light as a feather. It’s an insulating fiber and is comfortable to wear in any climate.

Qiviut is eight times warmer than sheep wool. Pure qiviut is non-shrinkable, non-felting and is often safe for people who suffer from sheep wool allergies. Unlike wool, qiviut is not scratchy. The more you handle and wash qiviut, the softer it feels.


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