Oh so Warm Knit Mittens

Oh so Warm Knit Mittens

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Keep your fingers nice and toasty with mittens made from blended qiviut yarn. These aren't only warm, they are so soft and pliable, and only become more comfortable as they are worn and washed.

A high-quality Arctic Qiviut hat is a heirloom purchase that will last, getting softer with time and gentle wear.

Each mitten is not only warm and stylish, it is a unique piece of art. Our Oh so Warm Knit Mittens are hand-crafted here in Alaska by local artisans. Our fiber artists sign and date each piece.

Weight: 2 oz.

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Characteristics and Properties of Qiviut:

8 times warmer than wool

One of the warmest and lightest natural fibers  

Insulating fiber, comfortable in any climate

Does not shrink or felt

Does not itch or scratch like wool

Safe for people who suffer from wool allergies

Softer than cashmere

Microns: 10 -18

We only use the highest grade, finest quality German angora, cashmere, alpaca, silk, superwash merino, and nylon in our yarn blends.